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Black Rose Witch - Dark Queen Rozelyn

Artstation Challenge #1 - Entry - Rozelyn, Princess turned Witch!
(Will get back to her, always remember your 1st ;) )

Man this one was great, first completed current gen female, first hair, was pretty tight coming from the Polycount Challenge straight into this one to merge both of the entries and contest together was a neat trick to pull off and i am glad i did it, lol anyone notice that? :)
I forgot to mention it in my entry thread oh well. :(
Rushed entry and i gave myself time to sort issues, always happens meh just text no biggie to me.

Her whole design is based around a rose and would be associations with witches, webs,spiders,cat,broom,bats speaking of that is what her shield is a bat,cat,"broom" she
can ride. Yes when not on it, it's "alive" and fights with her clawing the victims.

David cruz beauty


David cruz final

Final / Extra.

David cruz david cruz david cruz witch2

Concept (fixed colors)

David cruz wires



David cruz david cruz sculpt 1

Zbrush before details.

David cruz maps

Rose Body maps

David cruz weapon colors

Weapons maps

David cruz hairmaps

Hair maps