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Hellenda - Artwar I I I Entry

update:sorting portfolio.

Entire inspiration for this whole design came from this one:
I tried to make my own version of this full body though and i don't normally do vehicle stuff, i was thinking sports bike, didn't use any refs for that though probably should have.

Should've used this one to enter as the final.

David cruz dchellendasculptgrayscale


David cruz colorschemetest

zbrush colors changed from blue version. Was thinking this looked badass idk why people don't like it.

David cruz david cruz h2updated2

My concept - The general idea was bad looking good guy, changed into that.

David cruz david cruz backchange update 5

Female, knight of the light. - zsculpt (could've entered it like this instead of game mesh.)

David cruz e versions

Evil versions, i was going to make her fight herself in a scene, too big of an idea for game work with the time given.