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Xyodin - Entry for The Beast Challenge by Allegorithmic

Xyodin was my entry for the Allegorithmic - The Beast - PolyCount Challenge!

2nd video has the jewelry, cloth and open wing closeups and details for those that wanted to see more.

Thanks for viewing, updated/uploaded to pack it all together better.

Clarification is needed I only used substance designer to bake some of my maps.
My little pc couldn't handle the powa ;)

David cruz 2ndbeauty

Wall paper / Thumbnail icon

David cruz david cruz xyodin1


Xyodin - Allegorithmic - The Beast - PC Challenge

David cruz xyodin body maps 2048

Maps 1 - 2048 only original 4096

David cruz maps2 2048

Maps 2 - 2048 only original 4096

David cruz ped

Map 3 pedestal

David cruz renders wires stance

Stills, Wires, Textures.

Xyodin - Shimmers & Wing Details