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RoboSam Renders

RoboSam by Lukasz poduch

Transforming Back pack Gif:

In my version:
He is a ninja/business bot hence the shiny buttons along his torso. ;)

Final, 20 - 25 Days from start to finish.
Really put my stress in play here, as I had to create the entire body, color scheme and design plans I had in mind.

Video DL Link:!SxtREbha!69PMzxO5ARthqmF07hhfNt32oGmmRPIHH_wF2C6VSk0 For those that want to check it out, it is the RAW Full Quality.
^Same as youtube, except youtube degrades.

Props to Lukasz poduch

This is my interpretation of his design in Chibi/Pop-Vynl style / mini version.

David cruz david cruz chibid2

My Concept of original

David cruz dcrobosamfanartdc

Was wip shot.

Solo wip (at time) character turn-able

David cruz david cruz dcrobosam zbrushsculpt

lowpoly / normals

David cruz david cruz dcrobosamcolors

Color scheme plan

turn-able of scene and character model with vehicle.

David cruz david cruz dcrobosambackpackhighpolysubd

subd hi

David cruz david cruz wirestexturespreviews

wires / maps

David cruz david cruz dcrobosamrefinedupdate


David cruz 3

New Pose Clothing Only 1

David cruz 2

New Pose Clothing Only 2

David cruz 1

New Pose Clothing Only 3

David cruz 10

Pose Specifically suggested, by lotet - Hat with clothing.

David cruz 4

New Pose No Clothing 1

David cruz 5

New Pose No Clothing 2

David cruz 6

New Pose Pulling Cart 1

David cruz 7

New Pose Pulling Cart 1

David cruz 8

New Pose Pulling Cart 1

David cruz 9

Ready for war, showing Undersides of Helmet and Shoulder pads.