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Adventures in ARK

pvp server - leveled killing spinos on foot and bronc's letting them rush my base and letting the spikes kill damage them while i shot them with arrows and guns.

Some great times with this game as well, well worth the money and time spent, specially with a few mods where i made custom mecha terra's before the announcement of mecha and future tech.

SOOO COOOL that they went that direction i thought they would, i wish i had a video of me flying around with my battle birds so cool back then.


David cruz assault

Assault Ptera On Watch!

David cruz assault2

Moded Gen makes for good Stuffs, this was awesome with the alarm sounding and guns blazing at night.

David cruz 2015 10 07 00005

1st base PVP

David cruz 2015 10 07 00007

Back view

David cruz 2015 10 07 00006

side view

David cruz 2015 10 01 00001

1st tame - player to lvl 50 then left pvp.

David cruz 2015 10 02 00003

lvl 100+ tames as first pets, Vanilla ARK.

David cruz 2015 10 04 00001

this is how i played pvp lmao when afk or eating.

David cruz 222

Air Attack Ptera on patrol!