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Helspont - Old - Comicon 2014

My Theme was he defeated superman and wears his cape across his body to show the defeat and power.
Darksiders inspired design first time rock project first time flame project.

Old stuff i want to touch this up (sometime) however when life allows it, maybe it will inspire someone idk but this took long for sure, muscle groups are strip modeled/unwrapped.

He has an inside so the idea here was:
He is a hollow shell meteorite armor (thought of hardest substance "unbreakable" that's what I came up with) the inside glows with crystal and starlight's as his blue flame. (Had a better video showing that off can't find it.)

Old Image to just show off the flames done with FumeFX in 3dsmax if i remember correctly, first time making fire, that also was long as i wanted the fire to mimic and surround the thorn crown, you can see that in the image the flames follow the thorns going up.

David cruz helspontdc

Render with blade, this was also first time PBR process project.


David cruz beauty dc

render of first time flame fx. Older render not with the touched up albedo process.

David cruz construction dc

The Blade is my Initials. D.C. Which ironically is where he as a design comes from Dc comics.
Was thinking grim reaper scythe when designing it.

David cruz 28bbr6s

found an old img online this shows off the quality of the blue stuff and rocks and such..

David cruz qzg41j

and back