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Compilation of my art history for starters

To see how we kept working at it over and over to get where we are now, keep on trucking along. Doing this through many tough times and right now I am in one, But I love what I love, heart wants what the heart wants.

A.k.a a reason to dump everything i ever made - well most of it.

David cruz amonremixeddc

06/22/16 Remixed! Amon

David cruz dolanlvlup2

06/20/16 Remix Remixed! Just to see where i am now. Made today off the dome.

David cruz vandal hearts remixed

Just incase those peeps dont want to go to sketch fab

David cruz doomsetondoom

Dota2 Doom Set, My Armor/Weapon Design

David cruz lavaz lowpoly

Hand Painted Body

David cruz textures

Lava Textures

David cruz famine2ndupdate

My 4th Horseman Attempt Inspired by the would be DarkSiders III (canceled =/ Closed) sad day.
Famine is his name, living clothing.

David cruz dragonheadskulpt

Dragon Head Sculpt - Design

David cruz cerberus15

Cerberus - sculpt

David cruz chef zrender

Chef (old Paid work)

David cruz tummygummiedc

Gummi Bear - Tummy

David cruz update3

Creature Box Attempt (olddd)

David cruz vvarttest


David cruz wir

Im gunna Wreck it attempt (kick ass movie)

David cruz guerillabob

Guerilla Bob

David cruz 4fun

Hand Painted Heads

David cruz ridemakerswork

Paid Published

Old school, people loved this back then, one of my gems. Wow Mount Idea land sea air mount.

David cruz wowmount trifecta

My Design

David cruz vroomvroomconceptcar1400tris

concept Car, 1400 tris, just attempting a car design.

David cruz ui samples splashscreen2

Paid Published - UI Casion Games

David cruz ui samples background2

Paid Published - UI Casino Games

David cruz comicon2010onslaught

My Design

David cruz rigged

Art Deco Disney rigged posed fun.

David cruz artedecosteps

Art Deco Disney

David cruz zomboy profile

My Design

David cruz benson profile2

My Design

David cruz rashpimplezits 2

Battle Toad, fun stuff.

David cruz crysisuperold

Crysis 1 Design lowpoly challenge some time ago at PC.

David cruz pinocchiochallenge

My Design of pinoc.

David cruz ghostees concept mansion

Paid Published

David cruz ghosteeswork

Paid Published

David cruz published2

Paid Published (1st time working with super lowpoly) Thanks Ceo(P.H.) for te chance.

David cruz published1

Paid Published

David cruz dcruz art test wireframe

Older Very Lowpoly.

David cruz teentitans

Teen titans, Not the Go! versions.

David cruz samuskartfun

Samus fun/ my ship kart design.

BatBird Walk Cycle, 2nd attempt at animation, 1st was for a college GF final.. lol..girls.

David cruz joust3dgoblinbatbird

Joust 3D OLD as old can be.