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My Wildstar Housing - Artistic Gaming History - Some Memorable times!

I know this is like free promo and very off topic, weird post/pimp (in a way) but meh my station, my rules.
Still falls under creativity / Artistic so valid. =p
Game Art of a different caliber.

Miss my wildstar days especially the damn housing, especially the housing.*

=( Before changes i ERASED everything, even my lvl 50, shed a tear, definitely loved the game.
So much fun, great times, now i am sure it is no where near what it used to be.

Sadly did not make a video of the latest setup before erasing it, wish i had.
Anyway enjoy.

I made robots and a war base + scene of invasion + that giant dragon, I wanted a kick ass place perhaps some of you got to see the crib in person feel free to comment below if you did and if you like it that would be cool.

If you never played Wild Star you missed out but otherwise go check it out now, its F2P.
Never touched F2P mode, maybe i will one day..
Did not work with the company or any assets just felt like posting this to inspire people, i guess.

Thanks for the good times and great artwork.

Tank Concept:

Starship concept:
Johnson Trung

David cruz 01

Entrance to Housing

David cruz truck0

1st floor truck 1

David cruz truck1

1st floor truck 2

David cruz truck3

1st floor truck 3

David cruz 2nd floor intelligence room

2nd Floor Room 1 intelligence room

David cruz 1a

2nd floor base protection system orbs front 1

David cruz 3c

2nd floor base protection system orbs front 2

David cruz 2b

2nd floor base protection system orbs back

David cruz 4j

2nd floor base Escape Starship (Concept: Johnson Trung)

David cruz 8j

2nd floor base robot control room 2

David cruz toptop

Top View

David cruz 03

Dragon side top view (you could run inside it, had heart and brain)

David cruz 9j

3rd floor cannon cyc-bikes

David cruz 10j

Double Barrel Tank In Back, Ships called in up top.

David cruz side1

Side Base size 1

David cruz side2

Side Base Size 2

David cruz 02

Front landing zone for rocketship

David cruz 12j

Invasion scenery 2

David cruz holos

Invasion scenery 1

David cruz 11j

Invasion scenery 3

David cruz mountset

My Ride

David cruz 00j

In rocket ship 1, first floor of three

David cruz trophies

In rocket ship 1, first floor of three

David cruz 1

3rd floor 1

David cruz 2

3rd floor 1 room 2

David cruz 3

3rd floor 1 room 3

David cruz 4

3rd floor 1 room 3 - 2

David cruz 5

3rd floor 1 room 3 - 3

David cruz 7

3rd floor 1 room 3 - 4

David cruz 6

3rd floor 1 room 3 - 5

David cruz 8

3rd floor 1 room 4 hallway 1

David cruz 9

3rd floor 1 room 5

David cruz 10

3rd floor 1 room 5 - 1

David cruz 11

3rd floor 1 room 5 - 2

David cruz 12

3rd floor command/flight deck room 1

David cruz 13

3rd floor command/flight deck room 1 - 2

David cruz 14

Best view of 3rd floor Entrance View

David cruz reaperclose

Reaper Bot Close

David cruz tank

Tank Better View - Concept Kory Lynn Hubbel >>

David cruz 357

This is the tank concept, i don't think the artist wants it show being really old work but its reference to the tank in game.(will remove if asked by artist) NOT MINE!

David cruz modeledship0

Ship 0

David cruz modeledship1

Ship 1

David cruz modeledship2

Ship 2

David cruz 3

Ship 3

David cruz modeledship4

Ship 4

David cruz pig6

piglet 0

David cruz pig4

piglet 1

David cruz pig

piglet 2

David cruz pig2

piglet 3

David cruz pig5

piglet 4 was never shown it was 9 floors of bad ass